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About Us

The Rightside Up Story

Rightside Up apparel was created out of the promise that life is a journey.  We all have a life story, and it doesn't matter where we've been. It's where we are going that counts! We all have the power to choose the self-righting attributes of forgiveness, hope, love and faith that enable us to live Rightside Up.

Rightside Up apparel is meant to serve as a reminder to you, the wearer, that every day you have the power to live life the best that you can and make positive life choices. Through our "R" branding and "BSITL" touchpoint, the message is subtle, yet powerful: Be Strong In The Lord and Live Life Rightside Up. In the end, it's all about you and what is important to you. The apparel becomes a vehicle to remind you that you have the power to be your best YOU. Enjoy wearing Rightside Up apparel and enjoy living life the best that you can, Rightside Up! Join the Rightside Up positive lifestyle community.


BSITL - Be Strong In The Lord

Every article of clothing has a BSITL (bis'-tl) touchpoint attached. “Be Strong In The Lord.” It serves as a constant reminder that you are not alone, and that you have the power to make positive choices in your life.        

Be Strong In The Lord and live life Rightside Up!



Our "Buy a Shirt – Give a Shirt Program

One of the most important and valuable things that Rightside Up can do as a company is to give back. Doing something useful and helpful for others supports the company virtues of feeling good and living life the best that you can.

For every article of clothing that you purchase at Rightside Up, a shirt will be given to a charitable organization. It is a T-shirt with graphics especially designed just for this project.

I wish I could say that together we are going to save the world one t-shirt at a time, but unfortunately that’s not the case. However, when there is a bigger smile on a person’s face, or someone feels better about themselves because of their new shirt, or this is the only shirt they might have for now, or someone just knows that there are people who care enough to give, then we are making a difference in one life, and it is with one shirt at a time.

Thank you!

With your purchase, you have helped a deserving person get a shirt!

Make the Right choice!

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